Math Department

  • Middle School Math
    The middle school curriculum is Curriculum Associates' Ready Math. This includes teacher and student support features, such as iReady. iReady is an online tool that includes a diagnostic component to help identify the math needs of each student. In addition to Ready Math (iReady), we utilize additional resources to ensure student progress.  One of these resources is ALEKS, an online learning system that enables us to reach students as individuals.

    High School Math
    In high school, we have incorporated Carnegie Learning, which provides educational resources aligned to standards. In addition to the textbook resources, Carnegie Learning is supported by the online learning system called Mathia.  ALEKS and Mathia are used strategically to reach each student and enable them to progress toward their potentional.

    UC A-G Requirements
    Three units (equivalent to three years or six semesters) of college-preparatory mathematics are required, four units are strongly recommended.


Lewis Watson

  • Math 1, Math 2, and Robotics

Zara Agvanian

  • Math 1 and Math 1 Honors

Pricilla Ardon

  • Math 7, Math 7 Honors and Math 8

Susan Avila

  • Math 8

Truu Hang

  • College Algebra, Math 3, and Math 8 

Kaz Iptchilar

  • Math 2 and Math 2 Honors

Karume Jumal

  • Math 7 

Irada Melkumyan

  • Advanced Math and Math 3 Honors

Jia Wu

  • AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and Math 3 

Faculty and Courses