Academic Departments

  • Our Mission

    The mission of Marshall Fundamental Secondary School is to graduate students who are empowered to think critically, to act responsibly, and take on challenges through a system distinguished by instruction that is both rigorous and engaging and a culture that invites and embraces students and their families.

    Middle School 6th– 8th

    Challenges students ~ Builds critical thinking skills ~ Offers a variety of electives ~ Extends resources available to high school students.

    High School 9th—12th

    Offers a balanced education and planned curriculum to students of all academic levels and interests ~ Rigorous education through AP course ~ Offers robust arts programs ~ Integrates strategic instruction.

    Middle School Electives

    6th—8th: Art, ASB, Band, Choir, Drama, Orchestra, PE Dance, Intro to Spanish (6th only)
    8th only - Robotics

    High School Electives

    Visual Art, Graphic Arts, Studio Art, Associated Student Body (ASB), Band: Advanced Band, Studio Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Choir, Dance (PE), Drama, Orchestra; Beginning, Advanced, Chamber, and Stage Tech., World Language (American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish)

    Advanced Placement Courses

    Biology ∙ Calculus AB ∙ Calculus BC ∙ Chemistry ∙ Economics ∙ English Language ∙ English Literature ∙ Environmental Science ∙ Government ∙ Human Geography∙ Music Theory ∙ Physics ∙ Psychology ∙ Research (12th grade) ∙ Seminar (11th) ∙ Spanish Language ∙  Spanish Literature ∙ Statistics ∙ Studio Art ∙ US History ∙ World History.