Superintendent's Budget Advisory Committee

  • In fall 2017, the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) sought applicants to serve on the Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC), which will review budget and program plans and make recommendations on prioritization for the 2018-2019 district budget to the Superintendent and the Governing Board. The committee will meet from November-December 2017. Applications were accepted through October 6, 2017.

    With the prospect of more than $13 million in budget reductions over the next two years, PUSD is  fundamentally changing its planning and budget development process to focus on the instructional core - the essential interaction between teacher, student, and content that creates the basis of learning.  After conducting data and root cause analysis and engaging stakeholders, PUSD will fund strategies that support the instructional core based on the Board of Education’s identified priorities:

    • Continuous improvement in academics and operations
    • Increasing socioeconomic integration which promotes stronger academic, cognitive, and social-emotional benefits for all students
    • Reducing the budget deficit for long term sustainability

    The purpose of this committee is to provide for community involvement by a broad range of stakeholders.  The committee is made up of  teachers, principals, staff, parent representatives from mandated district advisory committees, community members, and high school student council members. The SBAC also includes division and department managers.

    The Committee will convene in November-December 2017 for 8-10 meetings. 

    Budget Development Timeline

    June 2017

    2017-2018 Budget adopted with $5.7 million deficit. $10-12 million in budget reductions projected for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020

    August 2017

    Board of Education revises district’s Mission and Vision, Theory of Action for Change to refocus on instructional core. Board identifies three priority areas for 2017-2018. At its August 24 meeting, the Board of Education adopted Resolution 2414 that issued guidelines on budget reductions to right-size the district and authorized staff to present a tiered list of at least $15 million in reductions in December.

    Sept. - Oct. 2017

    School teams conduct data and root cause analyses, identify priorities, and develop plans to implement strategies. Central district divisions do similar work

    Sept. - Oct. 2017

    Applications sought for Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC)

    Nov. - Dec. 2017

    SBAC convenes to review plans and budgets

    Dec. 14, 2017

    Board of Education Update on Resolution 2414

    Jan. 10, 2018

    Governor’s Budget 2018-2019 released

    Jan. 25, 2018  

    SBAC recommendations presented for Board of Education action