• Innovation Clubs & Exposition

    Pasadena Unified School District is pleased to announce a unique learning experience for students in our Gifted and Talented Education program. GATE students at each of our elementary and middle school campuses have the opportunity to join the Innovation Club where they will work in teams to complete a variety of design challenges.

    Ultimately, participating students will be prepared for the PUSD Innovation Exposition – our district’s innovative alternative to the typical science fair. The Innovation Exposition is much more than a science fair – it enables students to explore interests and talents by offering five elective categories from which students can choose: Invention, Science Fiction, Environmental Innovation, Engineering (Reverse), and Scientific Inquiry. For more information about PUSD’s Annual Innovation Exposition, please visit the Innovation Exposition website.

    Save the date, Innovation Exposition 2020: May 8, 2020

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Math Field Day

  • A Contest to Demonstrate Knowledge of Math Through Competition and Celebration

    PUSD’s Math Field Day is designed as an enrichment activity to promote mathematical reasoning, teamwork and a balanced mathematics curriculum for all students in upper elementary and middle school.

    Participation allows students to demonstrate their math knowledge through competition in the following elements: computational and procedural skill, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving. It is open to 4-person teams in grades 4-8 from all PUSD schools.

    Overall gold winning teams participate in the LACOE Math Field Day competition on April 27, 2019.

    Math Field Day 2019: April 6, 2019 - PUSD Winners!

    Math Field Day 2018:  March 10, 2018 - PUSD Winners!


    SAVE the DATE:

    PUSD Math Field Day 2020: March 21, 2020

    LACOE Math Field Day 2020: April 25, 2020

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