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  • Students are invited to a Blackout Poetry event that will combine art and poetry writing with scary stories. To attend, pick up a pass from the library before or after Advisory period.

    Blackout Poetry


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Author of the Month: December


    Walter Dean Myers was an American author who is known for a large body of work mirroring the African American youth experience. He was born in West Virginia and orphaned as a toddler. His guardians brought him to Harlem and loved him as their own (About Walter Dean Myers). He endured teasing about his speech impediment and often got into trouble for getting into fights (About Walter Dean Myers). His memories of being read to by his mother lead him to using books as a refuge (About Walter Dean Myers). Eventually, he demonstrated a talent as a writer and was encouraged to keep it up by an engaged high school teacher (About Walter Dean Myers). He dropped out of high school and joined the army (About Walter Dean Myers). Eventually, he was inspired to write about his own life expereiences by James Baldwin, the African American icon. His stories often reflect the troubled experiences of his youth (About Walter Dean Myers).

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    Walter Dean Myers

    Notable Works:

    MonsterHoops, Slam


    Works Cited:

    About Walter Dean Myers. Walter Dean Myers,



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