JROTC Upcoming Events 2017 2018

  • 9th       Jul American Legion Support                                                 4pm – 8:30pm

    16th     Jul American Legion Support                                                4pm – 8:30pm

    3rd       July Madison Heights Community Support                           8am – 1pm

    4th        July Madison Heights Parade                                                 8am – 1pm

    29th      July Congresswoman Chu Color Guard                                 10am – 1pm  

    10th      Aug District Back to work assembly                                     6am – 8am  

    23rd      Aug Councilman Kennedy Color Guard                                5pm to 7pm  

    23rd      Back to school night Blair Color Guard                                 5pm – 8pm  

    23rd      Aug Back to school night Parking Lot Helpers                      5pm – 8pm   

    23rd      Sept Grand Prior of America Color Guard Pasadena             2pm - 5pm

    26th      Sept Tournament of Roses Color Guard & Dinner                5pm – 8pm

    26th     Sept PUSD State of Schools Address                                   5pm - 8 pm

    28th      Sept Color Guard Blair Vs Windward Football                     6pm – 9pm 

    6th        Oct 29th SCAQMD Color Guard                                           9am – 2pm  

    12th      Oct Chicago School of Psychology Color Guard                   9am -2pm

    12th      Oct NAACP Color Guard                                                       5pm – 8pm  

    14th      Oct Latino Heritage Parade                                                    8am – 1pm

    20th      Oct American Legion Breakfast                                             7am – 11am

    21st      Oct Magic Mountain JROTC Fun Day                                  8am – 10pm

    25th      Oct City of Industry Council Govt Color Guard                   7am – 10am

    25th      Oct Lights on Color guard Learns                                          3pm – 5pm

    26th      Oct American Legion Support                                                5pm – 9pm

    27th      Oct Longfellow Elementary Support                                     5pm – 8pm

    28th      Oct Congresswoman Chu Service Academy CG                   9am – 12pm

    28th      Oct Pasadena LA Explorers Flag class                                   1pm – 2pm

    3rd        Nov Turkey Tussle Rose Bowl Color Guard                        5pm – 11pm  

    4th        Nov American Legion Support Hall of Fame Event             5pm – 10pm

    7th        Nov Army JPA Inspection                                                     7am – 1pm

    9th        Nov Color Guard Kaiser Permanente Luncheon                    10am – 12pm

    11th      Nov Veterans Day City Hall                                                  7am – 1pm

    15th      Nov District 3 Color Guard                                                    5pm – 7pm

    2nd        Dec Military Ball American Legion                                        4pm – 12pm

    3rd        Dec Mayors Christmas Luncheon Rose Bowl                        10am – 2pm

    7th        Dec Tournament of Roses Presidents Breakfast                    6am – 9am

    9th        Dec Christmas tree Lighting Ceremony                                 6pm – 8pm

    9th        Dec American Legion Support                                               5pm – 9pm

    12th      Dec American Legion Dinner                                                 5pm – 9pm

    17th      Dec District 3 Color Guard                                                    5pm – 7pm

    19th      Dec American Legion Luncheon                                            11am – 3pm

    19th      Dec Altadena Rotary Color Guard                                         5pm – 8pm

    17th      Feb Black History Parade                                                       8am – 1pm

    18th      Feb Massing of the Colors Forest Lawn                                 11am – 4pm

    25th      Feb Black History Stage Performance                                    6pm – 9pm

    16-20   Mar Spring Camp