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    To the Community:

    Pasadena Unified Twilight Adult School’s goal is to educate and empower adult learners in our various programs to communicate effectively, pursue continuous learning and explore new emerging employment opportunities. Collaboratively, we are designing and strengthening our adult career patHeadshot photo of Jack Loos hways and partnerships to prepare students for success in both career and continued education.

    We are working with our local partners such as The Workforce Investment Board, Flintridge Foundation, Multiple Career Solutions, Huntington Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, AMUT, USC Roski Eye Institute, HomeInstead, Outward Bound Adventures, Homeboy Industries and others to provide job training and job recruitment. Through continued collaboration with our partners in our apprenticeship programs we align our curriculum and training with current and future industry needs.

    We are constantly evaluating new and emerging career pathways and will continue
    to expand our offerings in the seven areas of adult education to serve the needs
    of the greater Pasadena area. Twilight Adult School is your place for academics,
    employability, and workforce training.

    Jack Loos, Director