•  “I am a proud parent of an Eliot student.  My daughter chose to move from a private school to Eliot in 6th grade and she is thriving!  She made a great group of friends, is having amazing opportunities in Rock Band and is challenged academically.  She plays bass guitar in The Fusion, Eliot’s Rock Band and has been able to play at historical LA clubs like Whiskey a Go Go and Roxy! This October, The Fusion will have the unique opportunity to play with Elvis Costello in New York. Her Rock band teacher is also an amazing art teacher and he holds an MFA.   I am blown away by the collaboration with artistic partners in the community.  They bring enriching experiences to the students at Eliot.  As a parent, I am very involved in Eliot and get to watch first-hand how the staff works tirelessly with the students.  During our first year, I worked on 6th grade council, helped teachers most Mondays and attended field trips.  The administration and staff are present, respectful and caring.  Last year, I was the Vice President of the PTA.  I love watching the administration greet every student with a handshake in the morning.  The administration is also there long hours making sure that the students have an excellent school experience.  I am the PTA president for my daughter’s upcoming 8th grade year.  I am so excited to continue to work closely with the teachers and administration at Eliot.  My family is extremely happy with the school.  My daughter recently shared that she cannot wait for college and feels prepared for high school.  I feel that Eliot has not only providing my daughter with many ways to express herself artistically.  It also is preparing her academically for higher education.  We love our Eliot experience!  Go Huskies!” 

    “Our son has been at Jackson Elementary since Kindergarten, and is now in second grade. We were initially only looking for a Spanish Dual Language program, and as we toured the school we realized we would be getting more than that. The school garden was the first thing to win us over, built up and maintained by a team of dedicated parents. The focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is great in combination with the language skills our son is building up. The school's science lab is also great, run by a teacher who is very popular among the kids. We also love visiting the school library. This school is a great place for our son.”

    "Washington Elementary is a GREAT school! So much potential with special funding from Federal government. The school focuses on STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). It has unique computer classes. Kids can also learn from Cal Tech and NASA engineers. The school has active and committed teachers! My kids enjoy this school!"

    “I am very happy to be part of the Washington STEAM family. This is my son's first year and we have had a great experience. As a Magnet school they receive extra funding for unique STEM activities, classes, trainings and more support staff. You can tell in the innovative programs they offer at the school. The staff is really experienced, have been working together a long time and go above and beyond to help at school events. They have embraced the STEAM theme with unique classes like space and flight and medical detectives, routinely use technology in the classrooms, use a variety of community partners like JPL and Cal Tech, and use hands on learning. They also focus on the students social well-being by planning fun spirit rallies, overnight trips for all grades so they can bond and have students trained as safe school ambassadors to help resolve student issues. My son and his capabilities were known by many of the teachers and staff right away so I knew he was in a safe and loving place. My son is very bright and has been challenged by the work so I know he is growing as a student and he made friends right away. The music program is really impressive. They put on a musical every year that is really amazing and have 2 large bands. There is also a great group of involved parents who are supporting the school so I am sure it will only get better. The staff is very approachable and there are also many fun STEAM activities for families. I can see lots of scientists coming out of this school. It really is a treasure and I highly recommend touring.”

    “Eliot Arts is a great Middle School. There have been many improvements over the years and the district and community is embracing their school again! My daughter started here this year and is loving it! She is taking flute and in an afterschool art class (Room 13) that is wonderful.”

    “Jackson Magnet Academy (formerly Jackson Elementary) has become the best school in the PUSD. My daughter is thriving. The school is nurturing and safe. We chose Jackson for the Dual Language Immersion Program and the incredible education enrichment programs. The Pasadena Symphony & Pops has started a Youth Symphony Orchestra at Jackson. JPL, another community partner, supports Jackson's amazing STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) program, the best in the district, which has a wonderful science teacher and a fantastic science classroom. Jackson has a new computer lab, a multipurpose garden with a new weather station, a health center, a mainstream and dual language preschool program, a host of after school clubs, and a wonderful librarian, Ms. Banerdt, who is a geophysicist. She conducts special reading programs and brings in authors of children's books to the school. The My Masterpieces art program combines classroom curriculum and art projects with field trips to museums and cultural centers. We originally were concerned about the school's API, but that is an old score from before the time Jackson became a Magnet Academy. The new Jackson is a phenomenal school.”

    “My daughter is currently in the 6th grade at Washington Middle School. I actually toured the school when she was in the third grade, prior to the STEAM Magnet program being in place, and was thoroughly impressed with the leadership, teachers, instruction and the beautiful campus. The school has only impressed us even more now that our daughter is enrolled. The campus is safe - I have no fears for my daughter's safety. She is also enrolled in LEARNs and enjoys the enrichment activities, such as Rock Band, that are provided after school. Please note that while the school is now a STEAM campus, the arts are quite alive at this school - a fantastic art teacher, a fabulous music teacher, and a Glee Club that has been on campus and has provided beautiful productions for over 20 years now. WSMA is definitely a GREAT school!”