Drama PAK

Drama Performing Arts Kids

  • Fall Semester: August - December 2017

    Instructor: Ms. Emily Clark

    Email Address: emilyabclark@gmail.com


    Fall Semester of Drama Performing Arts Kids is otherwise known as “Acting 101.” Students will learn theatrical terms and stage positions, as well as the core fundamentals of acting on stage. The first half of the semester will focus on monologues, scene work, and improvisation, while the second half will focus on the two major performances for the Halloween and Winter Holiday Shows.


    PREPARE - Always come to class with the required materials.

    PARTICIPATE - You are not graded on your talent level in PAK, but rather, your enthusiasm! Be prepared to be actively engaged in every class, from warm-ups to performance.

    PRACTICE - Rehearsal is important, and it’s not limited to class time. Be ready to work on your scenes at home!

    PERFORM - Fall semester has two major performances: the Halloween Show and the Winter Holiday Show. Both are part of your grade!


    6TH PERIOD Multipurpose Room, Performing Arts Building

    Monday 11:38am-12:12pm

    Tuesday-Friday 12:30-1:29pm


    1. SCRIPTS & WORKSHEETS - Provided by Ms. Emily
    2. PENCIL - NOT A PEN!
    3. PAK FOLDER - Provided by Ms. Emily. You only get ONE, so treat with care.



    Monday, OCTOBER 30th 8:00am

    Tuesday, OCTOBER 31st 8:00am



    Tuesday, DECEMBER 19th 8:00am

    Wednesday, DECEMBER 20th 8:00am & 6:30pm


    Both performances will be on the Multipurpose Room Stage in the Performing Arts Building.


    • PAK is a popular class, therefore, the group is always a big one. If you don’t want to be here, the whole class will suffer. PAK is not an “easy A”! You have to love the performing arts and want to learn more!
    • Trust is important in PAK. Getting up and performing in front of people is scary, and we want to create a nurturing, safe environment in our classroom. Ms. Emily will always be on your side and never make fun of you, so don’t be afraid to be YOU!
    • PAK has a no tolerance policy for bullying or “mean tween” behavior. Please RESPECT your Classroom, your Teacher, and your FELLOW PERFORMERS.


      • No food or drink during class except for WATER.
      • NO CELL PHONES! They should be stowed away before class even begins.
      • ATTENDANCE will be taken during warm-ups at the beginning of each class. If you show up 3 minutes after the bell, you will be marked TARDY.  Any tardiness or absences must be excused by a teacher.
      • Oftentimes in Drama, you will be asked to work separately with your scene partners, either outside or in another part of the building. It is important that this time is used for actual rehearsal, and does not disrupt any other classes.


    • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and will result in referrals and dismissal from PAK.


    • Bathroom breaks are fine (within reason), but they do require permission from Ms. Emily.


    These are few and far between in the Fall Semester, but if needed, after school rehearsals will only occur on MONDAYS or FRIDAYS, and will be given to students with plenty of notice.