Admissions and Enrollment

  • Is Wilson Middle School my school of residence?

    Wilson Middle School is a school of residence with an attendance area of families who have the privilege of enrolling based on their home address.  

    Determine if you live within the school attendance boundary:

    Use the SCHOOL LOCATOR to see if your family resides in the attendance area.

    Families residing within the Wilson Middle School attendance boundary:

    A student residing in the school attendance area for Wilson Middle School , not on a permit to attend another Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) campus, may register at the school site year-round. 

    To enroll your child you will need to  bring the following documents with you on the day before you plan to begin school:

    1.  Birth Certificate
      Required of all students new to the Pasadena Unified School District entering K-12 grades
    2.  Proof of Residence
      Two of the following items can be used
      Rental Agreement
      Utility Bill
      House Deed
      Lease Agreement

    NOTE: Proof should be under parent/guardian name.

    1.  Immunization Record
      Proof of immunization record required of all students new/returning to the Pasadena Unified School District

    Current TDAP Vaccine

    2. WITHDRAWAL or TRANSCRIPT from last school attended
    3. If Applicable, copy of current IEP

    For any other questions about registration and enrollment, contact our school’s registrar: Lourdes Sandoval (626) 396-5800 Ext. 78093  / FAX (626) 449-5377  / Or visit our Registration and Enrollment FAQ

    Families not residing in the Wilson Middle School’s attendance boundary: 

    Families not residing within Wilson Middle School’s boundaries may apply through the District's annual OPEN ENROLLMENT process. Please check OPEN ENROLLENT for more information, including deadline dates and how to apply online. 

    Families new-to-PUSD following the close of Open Enrollment who do not reside in the Wilson Middle School attendance boundary:

    New-to-PUSD students may apply at the Office of Enrollment, Permits & Student Records, District Offices:  351 S Hudson Ave. in Room 210, up until two weeks prior to the first day of the school year. 

    Non-PUSD families:

    Interested families from other school districts apply at the Office of Enrollment, Permits & Student Records, Office of Enrollment, Permits & Student Records, District Offices:  351 S Hudson Ave. in Room 210.  Do not apply at the school. Non-PUSD families will need to arrange for an Interdistrict Permit.