• What are Bridge Assignments?

    (Our System, Norm Peterson and Associates) Bridging the gap between the onset of a temporary disability and the injured worker's return to usual and customary work:

    • Bridge Assignments (temporary transitional work assignments) are composed of meaningful tasks
    • Tasks are identified in advance, ready to immediately submit to the treating physician for approval, expediting the process
    • With physician approval, injured workers are moved through Bridge Assignments that are increasingly more physically demanding to promote on-the-job work hardening
    • Time in modified duty is monitored


    • Injured workers are back to work quickly
    • Recovery period is reduced and risk of re-injury is minimized
    • Identified temporary transitional work assignments
    • Employee may not have to miss work


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources Leaves and Workers' Compensation desks. The department contact is Mrs. Maria (Lupe) Jimenez at extension 88775.


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