The PUSD Induction program is looking for capable veteran teachers to assist, and support, Candidate Teachers as they work toward their General Education Clear Credentials and/or Special Education Specialist Clear Credentials.

    Mentor Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

    If you are interested in serving as a Mentor Teacher, please contact the PUSD Teacher Induction Program at (626) 396-3600 x 88778  or rudchenko.sarah@pusd.us.

Teacher Induction Program Announcements

  • Teacher Induction: Information on Credential Recommendations -  An individual who completes preparation for a second teaching credential, will automatically be issued a Clear Credential at the completion of the second preliminary teacher preparation program. Read more...




Teacher Induction Coordinator

  • Sarah Rudchenko, Ed.D.
    Director of Human Resources
    Teacher Induction Coordinator
    626-396-3600 Ext. 88778

    Hanh Le
    TOSA II -Teacher Residency Programs
    626-396-3600 Ext. 88381

Teacher Residency Programs

    • ALDER Graduate School of Education
    • LAUTR Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency Program