FAQ's from EL parents

    1. Why is my child an EL?

    Your child is initially classified as a potential English Learners through a process that is outlined by the state here.

    After a student is identified, he/she is given an initial exam (CELDT) and based on the score, they are then classified as English Learners.  The EL classification gives your student additional support in their classes for him/her to excel. 

    1. What is the EL Level of my child?

    When your child first enrolls in school, they are given paperwork that has his/her scores on the initial CELDT.  This has their scores in listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as an overall score.  This determines the initial EL level of your child.

    You will receive information at the beginning of each year  and in January/February giving the EL level of your child.  These scores will be shown in the same format as the initial CELDT, with scores in listening, speaking, reading, and writing and an overall score. 

    1. Is my child a Long Term EL?

    Your child is classified as a Long Term English Learner (LTEL) if they have been an English Learner for 6 years or longer from whenever they started in a US school.  

    1. What is Reclassification?

    Reclassification is outlined by the state and is a determination that your child is sufficiently proficient in English that they can be considered a fluent English speaker.  The state outlines that the students that are reclassified will be monitored for two more years after reclassifying.  However, students that reclassify cannot go back to being English learners. 

    1. Is my child Reclassified?

    When a child is determined to be fluent in English, their classification is changed from English Learner to reclassified.  For your child to be reclassified you would have to sign a form to authorize the reclassification.  This would involve a meeting with a representative of the school that will explain that your child will no longer be an English learner.  If you are unsure that you have signed this form for your student, you can contact the instructional coach at your child's school and ask for the EL status of your child.  You can also contact the LADD office and make the same request.