• Math Learning Resources

    Mastering math fundamentals prepares children for careers in key economic sectors like energy, healthcare, and business. In math learning today, the focus is on how children think, and includes more discussion and collaboration. Read more...

    As a parent or adult caregiver, you can support math learning using three simple strategies to help your children get better at thinking for themselves:

    1.  Ask “how do you know?” frequently to make the child think about her own thinking

    2.  Wait for a response. Those 10 or 15 seconds mean increased learning time for the child.

    3.  Share a strategy. After your child explains her thinking about a math problem, share how you think about it.

    Math Websites:

    www.corestandards.org/what-parents-should-know/ From the official website of the Common Core, a guide to the entire website


    PUSD Secondary Math for information on the key shifts in math in middle school grades and PUSD's Integrated Math course

    www.youcubed.org/parents Videos, articles and games from the Stanford University Graduate School of Education on math learning and promoting a growth mindset.