What’s the Difference?

  • What's the Difference?



    • Academies offer the smaller, personalized environment of small schools
    • Academies offer applied learning opportunities of themed magnet schools
    • Academies are part of the open enrollment/choice schools process, so they are open to all students, regardless of their attendance boundaries
    • Academies partner with business to solve real-world problems for authentic learning
    • Academies focus on 21st Century Skills students need for success in college and life
    • Academies provide a culture of teamwork, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity
    • Academies give students a choice among many different themes
    • Academies provide rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum
    • Academies prepare students for college and career


    • Graduation requirements are aligned with college entrance requirements
    • Opportunities for Advanced Placement
    • Opportunities for college credit
    • Challenging Career Education courses


    • Students connect their learning to the real-world
    • Students develop a capstone project in their field of interest, which can include a student internship, work-based learning, service learning or a research project
    • Students earn a specialized high school diploma, and engage in extensive volunteer work and work-based learning opportunities that relate to their course of study
    • Students gain advantages in high school, college and careers because of the strong academic foundation and transferable skills