Immigration Protection

  • In December 2016, the Pasadena Unified Board of Education joined other California educational institutions in approving resolution 2386 “Safe Zones for Students Threatened by Immigration Enforcement.” Our schools will continue to be the anchors of our neighborhoods, where all students and their families are welcomed, valued, and supported. We will continue to collaborate with each other and our partners to achieve academic excellence, celebrate our strengths and cultural diversity.

    Our graduate profile calls for preparing students who are healthy in mind, body and spirit, embraces the value of individual team members, interpersonal skills that build positive relationships in diverse teams.

    We will continue to prepare our students to be civically engaged, resilient and productive citizens of the 21st century.

    As we do every day, we will continue ensure the safety and well-being of our students, staff and schools.

    Community resources on immigration:

    Caring for Children

    Our primary responsibility is to care for children so that they continue learning and thriving. Children may be experiencing a variety of feelings today as a result of the Presidential election and the issues that were brought up during the election.  Schools are monitoring campuses to ensure that kids have appropriate ways to express their anxieties.

    The most important thing that we as educators and parents can do with kids is to help children through this period of heightened anxiety.

    • Have honest and open conversations that are appropriate for the child’s age. Give kids an opportunity to talk about what is making them anxious. One way is for them to write in a journal.
    • Be mindful that parents can project their anxieties to children; kids will take their cue from the way you react
    • Remind them that the election is part of our country’s democratic process
    • Reassure children that they are valued and safe and that it is the adults’ job to keep them safe
    • Continue with the normal, structured routine. Children need the reassurance of calm, safe routines during times of heightened anxiety.  Have conversations, and show them that life goes on by continuing with your family’s routine.