Sailing through Our Math Facts

  • In first grade we will learn our basic addition and subtraction math facts. While I will be teaching the concept of addition and subtraction in class, students will also be required to memorize their facts at home. Each child will be learning at their own learning level. The levels are organized in systematic way that is developmentally appropriate for young learners. In order to help students be successful with this challenging standard, the levels are broken down into smaller increments.

    I will begin by sending home flashcards for level one. These flashcards will be a part of your child’s nightly homework. Please keep the ring at home and I will send new flashcards as they pass each level. I will assess each child ORALLY every week or when they are ready. Each equation will be verbally stated and/or shown on a flashcard as a visual cue. Students should be able to produce the answer in about 3 to 5 seconds.

    I understand that this may be challenging for some, but with practice, I believe they can all do it!