Class Rules and Discipline Procedures

  • I ask that you read the following policies and discuss them with your child.


    Classroom Rules

    Be Safe

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible


    I will provide a safe, comfortable, and enriching environment for my students. Following the rules will ensure that all children will thrive and learn.


    I believe in constant positive reinforcement and will strongly base classroom discipline around this. But there must be some consequences for those who struggle to follow the classroom rules as it is a disruption to the learning environment.  


    Students will all start the day with their clothespin on Ready to Learn. They can move up the chart when making good choices and move down when they choose not to follow directions. More specific directions will be given at Back to School Night.


    Students who remain on ready to learn or above will receive a sticker for their sticker chart. Once their chart is filled, they can choose a prize from our prize box. A new chart will then be given to the student.


    Students can also earn birdie or owl bucks which can be spent at our class store. Bucks will be given out for making good choices, following directions and demonstrating good deeds.


    I expect every student to share the news of positive and challenging days with their parents. Open and clear communication is clear and crucial and great behavior promotes great learning.

    Thank you for your support!