About 1st Grade Homework

  • We first wanted to take a moment to briefly explain why we think homework is important. First off, it teaches students to put first things first. This helps prioritize and build time management skills. Homework also reinforces skill and concepts taught in class as well as allows for parent child interaction. Each child will be given a homework folder. The folder will be sent home and returned daily. On Monday, you will find a weekly cover sheet, which will state each night’s homework. (There is no homework on Fridays.) Every night students will be expected to read for 20 minutes and fill out book log. They will also have some type of math as well. As the year progresses sight word and math fact practice will be included.


    How to Do Homework

    • Please do not do homework all in one night
    • Students need some down time work hard all day
    • Follow cover sheet
    • Return folder everyday