How to Request an Evaluation for Services

  • How do I request an evaluation for special education services?

    You can write a letter requesting an evaluation for special education services from birth to 22 years of age at any time.  It is helpful if you have already begun discussing your concerns at the school site through a Student Success Team meeting.  This team can recommend an evaluation with you at the meeting.  

    If you choose to write a letter requesting an evaluation for special education services your letter should include the following information:

    • Child’s name, age, grade, and school.
    • A short description telling about the areas you have concern over such as speech, reading, math, or behavior.  
    • Your contact information (address, phone number).

    Letters requesting an evaluation can be sent to the school site administrator and/or school psychologist at your school of attendance.  If your child does not attend a PUSD District school your letter can be sent to:

    Pasadena Unified School District

    Attn:  Special Education Department Room 227

    351 S. Hudson Ave

    Pasadena, CA 91109

    Within 15 days after receiving your request PUSD will mail an Assessment Plan to you.  The assessment plan may include some forms for you to complete as well.  The Assessment Plan describes the types of assessments the district will use to assess your child.  If you agree with the proposed assessment plan, you will need to sign the form, along with a consent to release information from your child’s doctor, and return them to your school.

    We cannot assess your child for special education services without your consent.  It is important to complete all of the paperwork that was provided with the Assessment Plan and return the forms at the same time.  

    If you need assistance writing the letter requesting an evaluation or with completing the forms provided to you with the assessment plan, contact your child’s school or district office.  We will help you.  

    What happens after I request an evaluation for special education services?

    After you request an evaluation for special education services, the District sends an assessment plan and possibly some forms for you to complete. Once you return the signed assessment plan and completed forms the special education personnel which may include the school psychologist, nurse, special education teacher, and/or speech and language therapist will begin the assessment process with your child.  

    The district will schedule an initial IEP team meeting within 60 days of receiving the signed assessment plan.  At this meeting the team members will review the results of assessments, educational records, medical information, and observations of teachers. Based on this information and knowledge of special education eligibility criteria the team will determine if your child is eligible for Special Education Services.  This means that has a qualifying diagnosis as well as a need for special education services.