Special Education Placement

  • Special Education programs are designed for those students who are mentally, physically, socially and/or emotionally delayed. This aspect of “delay,” is broadly categorized as a developmental delay, signify an aspect of the child's overall development (physical, cognitive, scholastic skills) which place them behind their peers.  Due to these special requirements, students’ needs cannot be met within the traditional classroom environment.  Therefore, students and families require the services of the Special Education Department.

    Pasadena Unified School District makes programs available to meet the needs of all students. In determining the appropriate program placement for each individual, the PUSD staff is committed to the belief that all students should be educated to the maximum extent appropriate.

    General Class Modification 

    The regular class teacher may modify the educational program to meet the student's needs. These modifications are usually the result of consultations with the parents, school psychologist, a special education teacher, and/or other members of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team.

    The Inclusion Model  


    General Class with Related Services


    Language/Speech/Hearing Therapy

    The language and speech handicapped student has a communication problem involving his/her speaking, hearing, or overall language skills. The district makes available individual or small group therapy for articulation and language development.

    Adapted Physical Education

    Adapted Physical Education is an instructional program designed for individuals with exceptional needs. Students may be eligible for this specialized instruction as determined by various assessment instruments. Services are provided by a credentialed Adapted Physical Education Specialist.

    Itinerant Teacher for the Hearing and Visually Impaired

    Some hearing impaired and visually impaired students attend regular classes with an itinerant teacher providing support services according to the child's needs as determined in the IEP.

    Resource Specialist Program

    Resource Specialists provide instruction and services for those students whose needs have been identified in an IEP and who are assigned to the general education classroom for a majority of the school day. The Resource Specialist Program may serve students representing a variety of handicapped conditions whose educational needs can be appropriately addressed within this part-time setting.

    Special Day Class

    Special classes are situated on general education campuses and are designed to meet the specific educational needs of students with learning, language, emotional, or physical problems. A student placed in one of these self-contained settings may be mainstreamed for one or more general education classes as appropriate. Students who demonstrate the ability to participate for more than half of the school day in regular classes would then be eligible to transfer to the less restrictive Resource Specialist Program.


    Non-Public School - NPS

    When student needs cannot be met through PUSD placement options, students may be directed to specialized schools, facilities and programs outside the District.


    What Special Education Services are available at each school site?

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