Geographic Trustee Areas

  • Pasadena Unified School District Board members are elected to represent geographic Trustee Areas. A printable map (PDF) of these areas is available. Alternatively, members of the public may use PUSD's School Locator tool to explore Trustee Area boundaries and search for information specific to any street address within the District.

    Viewing Trustee Area Boundaries Online

    1. Visit the School Locator website. By default, elementary school boundaries and neighborhood preference zones are displayed on the map.

    2. To view specific information about a street address, enter the address in the search bar on the upper left.
      1. The map will zoom to the address you entered. A pop-up dialog will display the name of your School Board representative, as well as your three schools of residence.
      2. Click the Show Trustee Area... link to toggle a visual representation of your district on the map.

    3. To view all Trustee Area boundaries, select the Boundaries menu in the upper right corner. Tick the Trustee Areas checkbox to see the boundaries. You may also uncheck the other options to simplify the map.