• Grades: Grades are based on the following

    • Work and Participation 40%
    • Tests and Quizzes 30%
    • Projects and Oral Presentations 30%

    Grading Scale:

    • Advanced: 85% and above
    • Proficient: 70%--84.99%
    • Basic: 50%--69.99%
    • Below Basic: 0%--49.99%

    Trimester 1 and 2 report cards will reflect only the standards addressed for that trimester. Trimester 3 report cards are cumulative for the entire school year.

    Tuesday Folders: Tuesday folders will be sent home every Tuesday with flyers, permission slips, and graded work. Please review the work, sign, and return on Wednesday.

    Progress reports: Starting in October, every first Tuesday of the month, your child will bring home a progress report in their Tuesday folder. Please review, sign, and return on Wednesday.