Classroom Information

  • Classroom Rules: These rules were developed by the students.

     Try your best always

    BE a leader

     Achieve your goals

     Mistakes are challenges that help you learn


    Bobcat Budget “money”

    Team Bonuses

    Class Jobs

    Class Bonuses

    Bucket Fillers                          

    Honor Roll

    Positive Notes

    Positive Phone Calls


    Student of the Month

    SWAG Award


    Lose “money” from Bobcat Budget

    Time out from table group

    Parent Contact

    Referral to principal

    Norms of Collaboration:

    • Communication: sharing ideas and asking questions
    • Pausing, Listening, and Paraphrasing
    • Respect: Paying Attention to Self and Others
    • Collaboration: Presuming positive Intent and Reaching a Consensus


The 7 Habits of Happy Kids for Character Development

    1. Be Proactive
    2. Begin with the ned in mind
    3. Put first things first
    4. Think Win-Win
    5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
    6. Synergize
    7. Sharpen the Saw (balance feels best)