Reading 40 Books and Beyond

  •  worm Dear families:

    This year students will be partaking in a personal reading challenge called “40 Books and Beyond.” The goal of the 40 Book Challenge for young readers is to get students to leave their reading comfort zone and explore new reading genres. Ultimately, I would love to see my students’ love of reading flourish, as well as for students to make big academic gains in reading. Let’s face it, the best way to become a better reader is to read…VORACIOUSLY! And the 40 Book Challenge helps with this!

    Although 40 books sounds like a lot, students will only have to average one book a week. This can be accomplished by reading during our independent reading time at school and spending at least 30 minutes reading daily at home. Some books, like shorter non-fiction books, can be read possibly in a day or two. Some books will obviously take longer to finish. By making the right book choices, I am confident that all students will be able to achieve the goal of reading 40 books in class and at home this year.

    Parents, I need your help...please make sure your child is reading each evening since this is part of their homework. There will be a place for your signature in your child's agenda indicating whether or not reading was done as homework. I check agendas every morning to verify the reading homework was done.


    The Guidelines:

    • Books they read in class or are read by a teacher count in their 40 book total.
    • Students may not read books that they have already read in the past.
    • They must use the 40 Books and Beyond log which lists the required genres, however, the books don’t have to be read in order. We will discuss and learn about the different genres in class and how to fill out the log.
    • For each book read, the students must write it down in their completed book reading log and obtain an adult’s signature verifying they completed the book.
    • Books that are over 250 pages count as two books.


    The purpose of this challenge is to get your fourth grader reading books they might not normally choose and to increase their love of reading. Thank you for your support at home!

    Ms. Webster

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