EESA Advisory Board



    Upon graduation, Engineering & Environmental Science Pathway students will be self-disciplined life-long learners with the ability to compete as motivated and confident problem solvers and cutting edge technology users. They will demonstrate their acquired STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) knowledge and skills as researchers and investigators. They will possess the requisite communication skills to effectively convey technical and generic concepts. They will appreciate the unique skills and abilities of fellow Muir students in the Arts and Business Pathways and value the collaborative nature across specialties to generate innovative solutions. Graduates will be self-learners and have the ability to self-critique to ensure continual self-improvement throughout their adult life.

    Mission Statement

    Our collaborative educational network of students, teachers, parents, business partners, and community supporters will engage students in meaningful real world activities to inspire STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) learning, provide the environment and opportunities to ensure that Engineering & Environmental Science Pathway students develop the core technological ,creative and critical problem solving skills and competencies needed to compete for future jobs in the global marketplace.