Planning for the Future

  • Welcome to the Pasadena Unified School District master planning home page. Here you will find a compilation of major planning documents and links relevant to our continuous improvement efforts.  The vision, mission and goals stated in our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan are at the foundation of this work, which in turn helps guide our annual Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), budget, district and school site planning.

PUSD Educational Master Plan

  • A master plan serves as a blue print to guide program development, facility investments, and ultimately student success. Undergoing a systematic continuous improvement process helps ensure that team members assess needs, gather data points and engage stakeholders to ensure that innovative, attractive, and successful educational programs are supported and sustained.

    The five-year Educational Master Plan approved in September 2016 helps inform not only the district annual budget and LCAP but will, in turn, lead to a Facilities Master Plan, ensuring that instruction drives construction. Please click on links below to download reports:

    • The Educational Master Plan Report presents research, data, study findings, survey results, stakeholder input, school matrix, and ultimately a set of recommendations to inform decision-making

    • The Road Map is a five-year implementation plan for achieving the strategic directives and goals of the PUSD, informed by the recommendations of the EMP.

    • The Educational Specifications (to be posted after completion) will delineate guidelines for facilities that meet the recommendations outlined in EMP report

Recommendations of the 2016 Educational Master Plan

  • This Educational Master Plan sets out the following seven recommendations in the areas of policy, practice, and public engagement. All stakeholders—from parents and students to community members, business leaders, educators, and policymakers—will play a role. High-quality, highly desirable schools will result, welcoming students from across the District in a comprehensive open-enrollment system that values academic excellence, access, and equity for all.

    Recommendation 1. To ensure that students learn in meaningful and active ways, the District will provide caring, engaging, and challenging experiences for every student, every day, in partnership with families and the community.

    Recommendation 2. To ensure that every school and classroom meets the challenges of 21st-century learning, the District will recruit, place, and retain teachers and leaders with exceptional qualifications, sustaining them through professional development linked to teacher performance standards, student data, and community needs.

    Recommendation 3. To meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of widely variable learners, the District will provide robust supports for the development and well-being of all students, at risk or not.

    Recommendation 4. To harness and organize the energies and resources of its community partners, the District will ensure that all its divisions collaboratively develop, align, coordinate, and routinize effective practices to support the contributions of valued contributors.

    Recommendation 5. To facilitate the necessary management supports for high-performing learning communities, the District will review and revise its communication mechanisms with school sites regarding such fundamental services as operations, maintenance, and budget.

    Recommendation 6. To ensure that no PUSD student lacks access to a high-quality school environment, the District will assess and improve its assignment process for schools of choice.

    Recommendation 7. To propel all teachers and students toward high performance in a changing world, the District will upgrade facilities to provide the spaces and technological infrastructures capable of connecting people as learners and leaders.

A Guide for the Future

  • The Educational Master Plan report recommendations guided the development of the Road Map, a 5-year implementation plan to ensure the strategies and processes needed for success are in place. The PUSD Executive Leadership Team has assigned a project management team or Division to each recommendation and aligned strategic and LCAP goal, The Office of Planning, Innovation and Accountability (PIA) will assist with facilitation, plan development and revision, monitoring and reporting. Following a planning process timeline (PDF) approved by the Board of Education, progress will be communicated and reported through:

A Culture for Continuous Improvement and Inclusive Planning

  • As we work toward embedding a culture of continuous improvement throughout our district, the involvement of our stakeholders toward informing, guiding, implementing, monitoring and revising these plans for greater effectiveness is key. We encourage you to stay or become involved with the planning processes at your school, district, or community and hope you will explore the links to the left or contact the offices: