• The ASB is a representative organization that promotes school spirit, fosters community service, coordinates charity fundraising and social events, and conveys the interests of the student body to school administrators.  The ASB consists of twelve Officers who are elected by the student body.  In the event that an ASB member is unable or unwilling to fulfill his/her responsibilities, the position will be filled by an alternate. 

    As school leaders, all ASB members are expected to model exemplary behavior, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  ASB members are also expected to maintain an acceptable academic standing.  Officers must maintain grades of C or better.  Those members who do not meet the academic and behavior standards indicated for participation in extracurricular activities will be relieved of their responsibilities.

    In order for the ASB to achieve its goals, it is also essential that all members fulfill their obligations.  Responsibilities include regular attendance at meetings, clear and consistent communication with students and teachers, and willing participation in ASB activities.  In the event that an ASB member is unable or unwilling to meet these requirements, administration will intervene and proceed at their discretion.