In Our Classroom...

  • We emphasize the POSITIVE!


    • Bobcat Budget Money         
    • Positive Notes
    • Bonuses                                 
    • Class Cheers
    • Bucket Fillers                        
    • Honor Roll
    • Student of the Month         
    • Class Store
    • SWAG Award                          
    • Table Point Prizes


    • Fines        
    • Notes home in Agenda         
    • Phone Calls Home
    • Time outs (in class or in another classroom)
    • Referral to the principal

Class Rules & Expectations

  • Our rules are simple!!

    1. We respect all people and property at our school.
    2. We follow instructions the first time they are given.
    3. We always do our best.
    4. We always do the right thing, even when nobody is looking, no matter what other students may be doing.

    Hamilton Students are: SAFE, RESPECTFUL & RESPONSIBLE!