Homework Policy

  • Students will be expected to complete homework Monday through Thursday. The homework will consist of language arts assignments, daily math coursework, and finishing any incomplete class assignments. The school will be purchasing a homework organizer (agenda) to help them keep track of their assignments. Your child will ask for your initials each night after you have checked for completion. Please do not sign your initials if they did not finish all the assigned homework that was written down in their agenda.

    Every morning, the homework will be checked to make sure your child’s homework is complete and that a parent initialed the organizer (agenda). If your child is missing part of their homework, they will fill out a Missing Homework Accountability Form. This form will list the missing assignments, and it must be returned the next day with the completed work and a parent’s signature.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send a note with your child, contact me through email, or see me before class (7:45-8:40 a.m.).