Hey! Did you know...?

  • FAQ 1 - Meals are prepared each day at each one of our schools!  Each school has a team onsite that prepares breakfast, lunch, and supper* for our students.

    FAQ 2 - PUSD has no Central Kitchen where meals are prepared and then shipped to schools.  Meals are prepared on site at each school daily.

    FAQ 3 - Each day students have access to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We occasionally offer cut fruit in natural juice or frozen fruit treats with no sugar added (especially in the fall and spring when its hot hot hot!)

    FAQ 4 - All menus are designed to meet strict nutritional guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture.  We are audited every three years to assure we are in compliance in meeting those standards.

    FAQ 5 - Pasadena USD strives to purchase products that are grown and produced by local farms and partners.