Classroom Information

  • Holidays:

    • Halloween and Valentine’s Day
      • Halloween: students come in costume and will change after the parade.
      • Valentine’s Day: students can exchange cards and/or goody bags.  If they wish to participate they need to bring enough for the whole class.  No nuts please.
      • We are allowed 2 parties per year, I believe the best times are winter break and the end of the school year.

    Room Parent:

    •      TBA

    Field Trips:

    • City of Pasadena Public Art Walking Tour on Thursday, January 19, 2017


    • Volunteering: Parents chaperoning or working with a small group of students ( out of my view) will need to authorize that with our parent volunteer coordinator, Ms. Natalie Ibarra. If you are interested, please start that process right away as the district is getting backed up with a lot of fingerprinting.


    • Uniforms: Students must be in school uniform every day except for the first Friday of the month or special events noted by school staff.

    Bathroom Policy      

    • Bathroom policy:  Learning time is essential for child’s success, therefore students are encouraged to use the restroom before school, during recess, and lunch, unless it is truly an emergency.


    • I enjoy celebrating birthdays. However, to avoid disrupting your child’s learning we ask that if you would like to bring special treats to the class that you bring them during lunch at 11:45.
    • Please let me know in advance so I can make sure the students all sit together.
    • We are promoting healthy living and ask that you bring only healthy store bought items. Sorry, no sweets!  Fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, or fruit popsicles are great alternatives.      


    • The first bell rings at 8:40.
    • We try to be in class by 8:45.
    • Students should arrive to school by 8:40 ready to have a great day!
    • If your child comes in after 8:45, it is considered tardy.
    • If your child comes after 9:00, he/she will need to go to the office and get a late slip.
    • Excused absences are those with a doctor’s note.
    • Please help me assure that all students come to school and on time (unless they are very sick) ready to have a fantastic day of learning!