Class Information

  • Kindergarten is such an exciting year for your child and for you too!


    What to Bring

    Please have your child bring a backpack. Their backpack should have an extra change of clothes, a snack and water bottle. Please make sure your child’s backpack is on the smaller size. Please no rolling backpacks. Due to a small cubby space, unfortunately large backpacks won’t fit.

    Please make sure your child comes to school with a snack and a water bottle. Although we don’t take the water bottles out during class time, we will have many opportunities throughout our first week for snacks and drinks. Students may choose a small snack for the first recess. Some suggestions for snacks would include any fruit, veggies, crackers or snack bars. Recess in the morning is only one hour before our lunch time. I would encourage students to bring a larger snack for our afternoon recess time.

    What Not to Bring

    You do not need to bring any school supplies. We will provide everything your child needs for work in the classroom. Some students may have purchased backpacks with school supplies provided, please utilize these tools at home and we will make sure your child has everything they need at school. However, if your child attends an after school program and you would like to send an activity book with pencils or crayons, that is fine. Also, please don’t have your child bring any toys to school. Toys are very exciting to all kindergarteners and sometimes are lost or taken.


    Arrive between 8:35-8:45 am.
    Where: Line up outside Room 107 in a line.

    Kindergarten students will line up outside room 107 and at 8:40 am walk into class independently. If you need to schedule an appointment or let me know important information, simply email or write a note.

    After the first day of school, students will demonstrate their independence by walking into class and putting their belongings away on their own.

    Pick Up

    Please remember to pick up your child at 3:10 pm inside of the classroom. Please kindly wait until the door is opened to pick up your child. If students are not picked up in the classroom by 3:20 pm, they will be walked to the office. An adult must walk your kindergartener to and from the classroom. The door will be open at 3:10 pm. If your child attends an after school program, an adult from that program will pick up all of the kindergarteners that participate.


    You may send money with your student for lunch or simply pack a lunch. If you plan on sending money, please consider paying the cafeteria directly rather than sending money with your kindergartener. This will ensure their lunch money is in their account.

    FYI: We will have a resting time right after lunch. If you have a small (no bigger than a bath towel) rug, blanket or towel you may send that to keep at school. If you send a resting “mat”, please put their name on their item. However, please no pillows or large stuffed items. (no pillow pets or stuffed animals). This resting “mat” should fit well in their backpack. I have found that small throw rugs or small junior size throw blankets work well. Please also be prepared to have your child leave this item at school during the week. We will send blankets home on Fridays.