4th Grade Supply List

  • The following is a suggested list of supplies that would be helpful to have in the 4th Grade.  These supplies are not mandatory for your child to have; however, if you would like to donate any of them it would be greatly appreciated. 


    • 3 composition notebooks
    • 2 pocket folders with brads – solid color
    • Pencils already sharpened – 2 dozen- to be shared with class (no mechanical pencils)
    • 1.5 inch binder
    • Binder Pocket dividers with 5 tabs (plastic)
    • Washable markers, colored pencils or crayons (Choose one)
    • Scissors – with students name on it (big kid scissors)
    • Dry erase markers (low odor) – 1 package – Black
    • Pencil top erasers – 1package
    • Kleenex
    • Disinfecting Wipes

school backpack image