2nd Grade Supply List

  • Recommended School Supply List:

    Desk size supply box. No larger than 6"x 8"
    6 Sharpened yellow # 2 pencils. No decorated pencils***
    Erasers (pencil toppers or "pink" style)
    1-glue stick*
    1-box 24 crayons
    1-box of colored pencils
    1-pair of scissors
    1-Expo-white board marker*
    *Fill your supply box. Keep the items that don't fit at home.
    Refill your supplies as needed.

    *** Students are expected to have at least three newly sharpened pencils daily. Please have a sharpener at home.

    On-Going Helpful Classroom Donations:
    The following supplies are always needed and greatly appreciated:
    White Bond Copy Paper
    Tissue-rectangular boxes preferred
    Unscented "Baby" Wipes
    Non-decorated # 2 pencils


2nd Grade List Image