1st Grade Supply List

  • Recommended school supply list: 
    • pencils 
    • erasers 
    • crayons 
    • glue stick 
    • ruler 
    • children's scissors

    Things that are needed by our classroom throughout the year: 
    (We go through all of the following items quickly and are always grateful for these donations)
    • copy/Xerox paper 
    • Clorox/disinfectant wipes 
    • Ziplock bags- Gallon and Quart size 
    • paper towels 
    • hand sanitizer 
    • glue sticks 
    • baby wipes 
    • tissue/Kleenex 
    • dry erase markers 

    Life skills to practice with your child: 
    • Tying his or her shoes independently 
    • Zipping zippers, fastening belts, buttoning buttons- dressing and undressing independently 
    • Toileting skills- he or she needs to be able to go to the bathroom independently 
    • Blowing his or her nose independently
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