Welcome to the Social Science Department

  • The goal of the Social Science department is to implement a standards based curriculum that will meet or exceed State of California content standards. Students will acquire social studies literacy and vocabulary, critical thinking and assessment skills. The core courses will be offered from grades 10 through 12, with alternatives to fill the regular courses offered at all grade levels.

    Department Chair

    Kyle Michealsen


    (626) 396-5880 ext. 84428

    Room G 208

    Social Science Teachers

    Social Science teachers (left to right) - Mr. Ruddy, Mr. Carcido, Mrs. Duff, Mr. Salmon, Mr. Michealsen, and Mr. Smith.

Mount Rushmore

List of Courses Offered

    • American Government/P
    • American Government/HP
    • AP European History/HP
    • AP Human Geography/HP
    • AP Psychology (Credit given is elective credit not social science credit)
    • AP United States Government and Politics/HP
    • AP United States History
    • Economics/P
    • Economics/HP
    • United States History/P
    • United States History/HP
    • World History/P
    • World History/HP



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