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    Physical Education is an activity class. Students will be engaged in daily physical activities. The P.E. department strongly encourages all students to be ready to participate with appropriate clothing, which includes Athletic T-Shirt, Athletic Shorts, Athletic Sweats, and Athletic Shoes with Shoestrings-No Slip on ShoesWe also strongly encourage students to wear our current school colors of red, white, or gray in any combination. There may be a different sport activity unit covered in each of the four or five week grading periods. Some of the units that may be covered include basketball, volleyball, cross-training, softball, tennis, health, handball, Frisbee, weight training, and swimming. Four passing semesters of P.E. with a D or better are required to graduate with a high school diploma.

    The goals of our program are many:

    • To physically emphasize the importance of getting and keeping the body in shape.
    • We would like the student to appreciate the skills necessary to participate in certain sports.
    • We would ask the student to be knowledgeable of the rules that govern specific sports.
    • Our intent is that the students will have the knowledge to participate in a lifetime of physical activity and fitness.

    GRADING POLICY: As with other subjects, physical education grades must be based on how well a student learned the skills (like throwing or catching) and knowledge (like game rules or how activity affects their health) taught by the instructor. Class (subject matter) grades should not be based on dressing, effort, participation, work habits, or citizenship (EC 49066 (c)). These are the physical fitness expectations.


    Fitness Tests

    5 weeks

    10 weeks

    15 weeks

    20 weeks


    10 points

    100 – 90

    200 – 180

    300 – 270

    400 - 360


    8 points

    89 – 80

    179 – 160

    269 – 240

    359 – 320


    6 points

    79 – 70

    159 – 140

    239 – 210

    319 – 280


    4 points

    69 – 60

    139 – 120

    209 – 180

    279 – 240


    0 points

    59 – 0

    119 – 0

    179 – 0

    239 - 0

    The citizenship mark (E for Excellent, S for Satisfactory and U for Unsatisfactory) will be based on the behavior of the student and their attendance.      

    Two non-participations can be made up per each grading period. Make-up assignments must be a minimum of 200 words, hand written, on a sport or fitness-related topic for each non-participation and/or excused absence. All make-ups for non-participation are due the next day. All make-ups for excused absences are due within the same number of days absent.


    • One day absent: make-up due on the day of return
    • Two days absent: make-up due within two days of return

    Please be advised that make-up tests will not be given to students who have an unexcused absence or non-participation/non-dress on the day of a particular test.          

    Department Chair

    Jennie Jacobsen-Huse


    (626) 396-5880 ext. 84032


Boys PE

List of Courses Offered

    • Basketball Team - Boys
    • Basketball Team - Girls
    • Dance - Beginning
    • Dance - Intermediate (Fine Arts credit)
    • Dance - Advanced (Fine Arts credit)
    • Physical Education 9
    • Physical Education 10-12
    • Swim Team - Boys
    • Swim Team - Girls
    • Tennis Team - Boys
    • Tennis Team - Girls
    • Water Polo Team - Boys
    • Water Polo Team - Girls
    • Weight Conditioning


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