Welcome to the Science Department

  • Our core science classes include extensive laboratory work and are designed to meet university a-g entrance requirements for science ‘d’ credit. 2 years of science ‘d’ credit courses are required for admission to a University of California campus. PUSD requires students to have 3 years of science to graduate.

    The subjects covered in each core science course are in alignment with the California State Standards for that course.

    Other items of interest:

    • Our Science Department has an ongoing involvement with Caltech Educational Outreach Programs. Several of our students have participated in Caltech’s summer intern program.  On campus, under Mr. Lambert’s supervision, students participate in Caltech’s SHArK Solar Project. In previous years, our students have participated in Caltech’s “Juice from Juice” program that allowed some of our students to use fresh blueberries to make solar cells.
    • Our students have participated in JPL’s Annual Ocean Science Bowl.
    • PHS students are involved with the Carnegie Observatories in a program that cultivates student interest in astrophysics/astronomy. This program includes a yearly nighttime visit to the Mt. Wilson Observatories that allows our students to use powerful telescopes under the supervision of postdoctoral astronomers who carry out astrophysical research at the Carnegie Observatories.
    • During the 2014-2015 school year, PHS participated in a program called Nobel Prize Laureates School Visits. This was a wonderful opportunity for some of our students to meet and greet the Noble Prize laureate Dr. David Baltimore who spent time with our students as he discussed his work in medicine and physiology.
    • For the past several years our students have participated in the Los Angeles County Science Fair.  This past school year one of our students received a 1st place medal for her work in Animal Physiology.  In addition, she received an INTEL Talent Search Award and as a Sweepstakes Finalist she moved on to the State Level of the Science Fair.
    • In addition, this past school year one of our students was a semi-finalist in NASA's Cassini Scientist for a Day Essay Contest.

    Department Chair

    Jonathan Gardner


    (626) 396-5880 ext. 84511

    Room E 103

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Erica Whiting and Mary Hines

List of Courses Offered

    • AP Biology/HP
    • AP Chemistry/HP
    • AP Environmental Science/HP
    • AP Physics 1 Algebra Based/HP
    • AP Physics 2 Algebra Based/HP
    • Biology/P
    • Biology/HP
    • Chemistry/P
    • Chemistry/HP
    • Integrated Science/P
    • Physics/P


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