Welcome To the Mathematics Department

  • We have been the District Math Field Day Champions for

    8 out of the last 10 years!


    PHS Math Department Mission Statement

    The mission of the PHS Math Department is to provide an educational experience in mathematics that helps students for college and/or career readiness. This is achieved through the use of the Common Core State Standards which was implemented in PUSD in 2014.

    Students are taught to use 21st Century Skills to help them succeed academically.  The skills they will learn and thrive on are to be able to communicate, create, collaborate, and think critically.  

    The Integrated Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 courses use the Mathematics Vision Project (www.mathematicsvisionproject.org) curriculum.  This resource uses a task-based approach that leads to skill and efficiency in mathematics by first developing understanding, solidifying student understanding, then students practice what they have learned.

    The higher mathematics courses, such as Advanced Math, Statistics, College Prep Math, and Calculus also provide much rigor and practice for students in preparation for higher learning, SAT and/or ACT prep.   

Mathematics Department Co-Chairs
Mrs. Hammond
2016 Math Field Day

List of Courses Offered

    • Advanced Math/P
    • Algebra II/P
    • Algebra II/HP
    • AP Calculus AB/HP
    • AP Calculus BC/HP
    • AP Statistics/HP
    • College Prep Mathematics
    • Math I Integrated/P
    • Math I Integrated/HP
    • Math II Integrated/P
    • Math II Integrated/HP
    • Math III Integrated/P
    • Math III/Intgrated/HP
    • Statistics/P


Additional Information and Materials