2016 Parent Survey

  • Collage of group participating in master plan survey results event

    A summary of key findings from the 2016 Parent survey, designed to guide recommendations put forward in the 5-Year Educational Master Plan is now available.  The summary provides a brief overview of the methodology and conclusions.  The full survey report will be made available with the release of the Educational Master Plan, scheduled to be brought forward to the Board of Education for consideration at the August 28, 2016 Board of Education Meeting.

    On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, the 2016 Parent Survey Findings were presented at a community meeting for discussion. Scroll down to watch the embedded video or watch it on our YouTube Channel.  

    2016 Parent Survey Summary (pdf)

    Resumen de las Encuestas del PUSD (pdf)

    Feedback provided by those in attendance on how the School District can continue to become more responsive to the needs and interest of parents and students can be found by viewing the following pdfs (in English and in Spanish):




    Capacidad de Respuesta

Top Findings from 2016 Parent Surveys for the PUSD

Los Mejores Resultados para el PUSD de las Enuestas del 2016 a los Padres de Familia