Principal's Message

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    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    Welcome to Jackson STEM Dual Language Magnet Academy! We invite you to visit our extraordinary elementary school featuring two highly sought-after programs: STEM and Spanish Dual Language Immersion. 

    STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM-related jobs are growing faster than those in other fields, and STEM schools focus on these areas to prepare students for a technological future in a global economy. Research shows that the early acquisition and maintenance of a second language impacts intellectual growth in children. For those whose primary language is Spanish, our dual language immersion program ensures the development of academic vocabulary in the primary tongue, crucial for the enhancement of bi-cognitive skills.

    At Jackson, we strive to build lasting relationships with local partners to ensure a strong arts program, interjecting the “A” into a STEAM education. To foster the arts further, we provide music education for our students in grades K-5. Moreover, we are the only school in Pasadena Unified that has a continuing relationship with the Garden School Foundation, providing garden and cooking classes to all our students.

    The dedicated teachers and staff at Jackson Magnet are committed to a caring learning environment. Our students enjoy engaging, challenging learning experiences that connect them to a 21st century world. Your children will learn to investigate, explore, experiment, problem-solve, create, and invent. We strategically make connections between traditional subjects and real-world learning experiences utilizing an interdisciplinary approach. Instead of teaching in isolation, we link students’ learning opportunities using integrated, hands-on techniques to enhance the learning process.

    We are committed to a strong partnership with parents and the surrounding community in our work to awaken a love of learning in our students amid a caring and nurturing environment.

    Warmest regards,
    Rita Exposito