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    Track Accelerated Reader (AR) Progress
    Accelerated Reader


    Each student has an individual AR points goal, and this is 20% of their English grade! AR points may also be required in other classes. 


    A helpful and easy way for students AND parents to keep track of AR progress is to go online using Renaissance Home Connect.

    Students must choose books within their own AR reading level, and after finishing the books, they take quizzes using computers in their English classrooms. Most English teachers also have a selection of AR book choices in their classrooms.

    Parents can sign up with Renaissance Home Connect to receive emails showing your student's quiz results (or reading level test results). Both English and Spanish language notices are available. Look for the Email Setup link and follow the directions. Parents should also be able to look at students' assignments using the PUSD Parent Portal to check the AR part of their grade. 

    When logging onto Renaissance Home Connectuse the user name and password provided to each student at the beginning of the year. If you need this information again, contact the student's English teacher.

    Our fantastic librarian, Mr. Goffred, is eager to help all students find books that meet their AR needs! You can also search online by yourself at AR Bookfinder. Your AR reading level is listed when you log onto the Renaissance Home Connect site. 

    Here is a sample of AR information for a book:

     Front Cover
    Palacio, R.J. 
    AR Quiz No. 149900 EN Fiction
    Accelerated Reader Quiz Information IL: MG - BL: 4.8 - AR Pts: 11.0
    Accelerated Reader Quiz Type Information AR Quiz Types: RP
    Book Rating Rating: 3.5

    For the book Wonder, the Interest Level (IL) is Middle Grades (MG). Other books may be ranked MG+ for 6th grade and up, or UG for grades 9-12. The Interest Level reflects the age level the material may be appropriate for, and a low IL book may still have great appeal to older students. The reading difficulty level of this book (BL) is 4.8. Students need to choose books within their assigned Book Level (BL) range to make sure they are challenging themselves. The maximum number of AR points for this book is 11, earned after taking a Reading Practice (RP) quiz, the most common type of AR assessment. The number of stars given to the book is from students rating the book! 

    Books are being rated and added to AR choices all the time! Keep reading!

    All Blair students use Accelerated Reader (AR) to challenge themselves and improve their reading and literacy skills.