7-11/Surplus Property Committee

  •  Surplus Property "7-11" Committee Burbank Property

    Committee Members: Helena Ayala, Francis Boland, Robert Martinez, Blair Miller, Mark Nicoleti, George Tan, Lewis Watson

    Staff: Nelson Cayabyab, Kathleen Sanchez

    Contact: Jessica Frazier - frazier.jessica@pusd.us

    Education Code Section 17388 requires that prior to the sale, lease, or rental in excess of thirty (30) days of any excess real property, a governing board of a school district must appoint an Advisory Committee to advise the governing board in the development of District-wide policies and procedures governing the use or disposition of school buildings or space in school buildings which is not needed for school purposes.

    Pursuant to Education Code Section 17390, an Advisory Committee must do all of the following:

    • Review the projected school enrollment and other data as provided by the District to determine the amount of surplus space and real property.
    • Establish a priority list of use of surplus space and real property that will be acceptabe to the community.
    • Cause to have circulated throughout the attendance area a priority list of surplus space and real property and provide for hearings for community input to the committee on acceptable uses of space and real property, including the sale or lease of surplus real property for childcare development purposes pursuant to Education Code Section 17458.
    • Make a final determination of limits of tolerance of use of space and real property.
    • Forward to the District's governing board a report recommending uses of surplus space and real property.

    Please note that the provisions for an Advisory Committee do not set forth a minimun time period in which these dutires mus be completed.

    Furthermore, as an extension of a legislative body (District Governing Board), the Advisory Committee must follow all Brown Act Requirements.