Welcome To Child Welfare and Attendance

  • The aspiration of the Child Welfare and Attendance Department is to promote student success. We believe in the fundamental principle of equity and fair treatment of all Pasadena Unified School District students. All students will be provided fair access and opportunity to comprehensive services that meet their needs. We strive to create a culture of collaboration by engaging community stakeholders, families, students, and staff in strategically addressing the barriers to student success.

    Through communication, collaboration, and engagement, our team of experienced professionals deliver student, family and community services, maximizing school achievement for students at all levels of learning and overcoming the academic, social, emotional, or physical barriers which may impede student success.

    We focus on areas of: 

    • Alternative Education Placement Committee
    • Alternative to Suspension Program
    • Attendance and Truancy
    • Behavior Intervention
    • Behavior RTI: Response to Intervention
    • Bullying Prevention
    • Discipline Guidelines - Suspension, Expulsion, and Alternative to Suspension & Expulsion
    • Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Training
    • Mentoring/Mentors for L.I.F.E.
    • Restorative Justice Practices
    • Section 504 Plan
    • SARB (School Attendance Review Board)
    • SART (School Attendance Review Team)
    • Social Emotional Supports
    • For more information contact CWAS 
    All Healthy Kids Surveys can be found on the following link: http://chks.wested.org/administer/download/


For Appointments

  • Please call: 626.396.3609
    Room: 206