Patrick Cahalan (District 4)

  • Portrait of Patrick Cahalan Pat has a long career in education and technology. He spent four years working for Loyola High School as Director of Curriculum and Technology in the 1990s. He has worked at Caltech since 2002, and is the current Manager of Technical Operations for the Computational and Mathematical Sciences (CMS) Department. He has taught technology classes and workshops for high school and college-level students, faculty, and staff.

    Patrick has been a resident of Pasadena since 2001 and he has been involved in PUSD since his eldest child entered the school district. He served on Longfellow Elementary's School Site Council from 2012 until his election to the PUSD Board, serving as Chair in his last year. He also served at the district level as a member of the District Advisory Council from 2012-2015, serving as Assistant Secretary, Secretary, and Vice Chair. He has also been involved in his neighborhood community, serving on the Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association Board and as Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

    Patrick has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Loyola Marymount University, a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University, and is a former Ph.D. candidate in Information Systems and Technology, with a research focus on designing information systems for regional‐wide disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. His two minor programs are in Public Policy and Organizational Science.

    Patrick was elected to represent Trustee Area 4 in the May 2015 election.