The Classified Employment Process

  • Classified employment includes all positions in the school district designated as classified by the State of California Education Code §45256. This category includes positions in Fiscal Services, Government-Funded Programs, Health Programs, ITS, Instructional Television, Language Assessment & Development, Mailroom, ROP, Personnel, Purchasing, Research Testing & Evaluation Services, Risk Management, Special Education, Student Support Services, and Maintenance & Operations.

    Step 1: Application Process

    Individuals seeking employment must submit a completed application before the deadline when a recruitment bulletin is posted.

    The Human Resources Office issues recruitment bulletins for positions which currently are or will be vacant in the District. These bulletins provide general information concerning the position, salary range, examination procedures, deadline for applications, and the required minimum qualifications. Bulletins are distributed to various outside agencies as well as all District offices and schools. All District employees (hourly or monthly) have the privilege of taking an examination for District positions during working hours without loss of pay. Candidates should, however, notify their supervisor at least one (1) day before the examination.

    Step 2: Paper Screening

    Applications are reviewed to determine if candidates meet the minimum qualifications stated on the recruitment bulletin.

    Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications shall be further considered.

    Step 3: Examination Process  

    In accordance to the requirements for paraprofessionals pursuant to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), an examination shall be administered to assess knowledge and skills required in assisting in instruction.  

    The Classified Personnel Department may use one or more of the following testing methods:

    • Written Tests: Multiple choice tests and writing exercises normally measure specific knowledge and abilities necessary to satisfactorily perform the duties of the job.
    • Supplemental Applications: These materials are used as qualifying tests or tools in the application review process.

    Applicants must obtain a passing score on each portion to continue the testing process and an overall score of seventy percent (70%) on the entire examination to be placed on an eligibility list. Failure on any portion of the examination constitutes a failure of the examination. Other testing methods may be used by the Human Resources Department as long as they are job-related.  

    Step 4: Interview

    Structured interviews are conducted in panels and consist of at least two (2) panelists. Interview questions are developed using subject matter expertise to tap into job-related knowledge, skills and abilities of candidates. Panelists evaluate each candidate based on their related qualifications.

    Step 5: Selection and Appointment

    Once a candidate is placed on an eligibility list for a position, the Division of Human Resources will certify the top eight (8) ranks of eligibles to the hiring authority for a final interview with the hiring department/school. If the candidate is selected, he/she will be notified. Employment will begin pending TB/Medical clearance and background checks conducted by Human Resources. The appointment will be finalized by official action of the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.