• Our services include an independent student program for those students (for varying reasons - work, medical, family) who are unable to attend a mainstream high school; a dropout recovery program to assist and encourage those high school age students who are not currently attending school to get back into high school to complete their high school diploma; a credit recovery program for those students behind in credits; a teen parent program; and a K - 8th grade independent study program. The secondary goal of the CIS Academy is to offer a voluntary means of individualized learning plan for students whose needs may be met through study outside of the regular classroom setting.

    • If you currently attend a PUSD school (Blair IB Magnet, John Muir, Marshall Fundamental, Pasadena High School or Rose City), your first step is to speak to your counselor to clarify requirements. You must speak to your counselor before we will review your records. Your counselor will forward the counselors' recommendation form (including grad check, complete transcript and CAHSEE scores) to us. If you have an IEP, you will need to provide a copy to us.

    Contact the CIS Academy Office to make arrangements to deliver documents and a counseling intake meeting. Attention to Irma Gutierrez at (626) 396-5883. She will make an appointment for you to speak to the Principal of CIS Academy.