Physical Education

  • Welcome to Physical Education.

    Our PE department teaches grades 6-12 according to the Physical Education: California Content Standards for Public Schools.


    Mr. Raul Delgado
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    Ms. Kathryn Russell 
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    Students taking physical education classes are obligated to dress properly. Students must wear solid green shorts, a solid gray t-shirt, socks and athletic shoes. Students may purchase complete gym attire, printed with the Blair logo, at the Student Store. No other logos are allowed. Blair sweatpants and sweatshirts when available for purchase are acceptable for cooler or inclement weather. Students' grades will be marked down for each day's failure to appropriately dress for class.

    Students enrolled in a PE class will be assigned a small locker in the gym locker rooms to store their PE clothes, and for their belongings during PE class. The locker must be locked only with a combination lock from the school. The combination lock is provided for a non-refundable fee. Students who do not pay the lock fee at Viking Days registration can pay the PE teacher directly once school starts.

    For questions please contact: Mr. Delgado