Top 10 Reasons to Choose Wilson Middle School

  • 1. Advanced Studies Program in grades 6 - 8. Students must take a placement test and demonstrate academic excellence in both mathematics and language arts to qualify.

    2. Field Trips that enhance the classroom learning; for example, 8th grade students make instruments to measure velocity and altitude and participate in “build a rollercoaster” competition at Knott's Berry Farm.

    3. Rigorous and engaging instruction with Project Based Learning across all subjects and grades.

    4. Wilson's Performing Arts Program is legendary in PUSD - students can participate in all facets of production from Stage Crew, Lion Head's Band, Dance, Choir and Drum Corps.

    5. At Wilson, we not only focus on a strong instructional program but also on fostering positive relationships with students; we assist students in learning self-advocacy skills as they prepare for high school.

    6. Our Physical Educational Program is exemplary and standards-based. Students participate in a wide-variety of units including gymnastics, football, soccer and basketball in our air-conditioned and remodeled gymnasium.

    7. Strong focus on Math & Technology is a pathway to the PHS APP Programs.

    8. Instrumental Music Program teaches students at all levels, from Advanced Strings and Orchestra to Beginning Band with professional music coaches that offer 1-1 instruction.

    9. Robotics. Wilson students learn to build, program and compete in a challenging class available to all grade levels.

    10. Community Outreach and Partnerships. Wilson fosters relationships with Carnegie Observatories, CalTech, A Noise Within Theater Group and Institute for Educational Advancement to create unique opportunities for our students in and out of the classroom.